Career History

Teaching Experience

Voice Teacher, Community School of Music and Arts

August 2018 - May 2020

Teach private voice lessons to students of all ages. Teach a variety of music styles. Teach breathing, vocal placement, music theory and sight reading. Additional duties included reporting student progress, behavior and social skills to parents and corresponding staff.

Piano Teacher, Sara's Music Lessons

August 2018 - June 2019

Teach beginning group piano lessons to students ages 5 - 13. Introduced students to appropriate hand positioning, finger transitions and pedal use. Engaged students in discussions on musical selection and composer histories. Coordinated recitals and musical events to showcase student achievements.

Lead Vocal Coach/Choral Director, Saturday Conservatory of Music

September 2017- June 2018

In charge of planning and directing two choirs and two voice classes per quarter to increase music literacy and appreciation to children ages 4 - 18. Taught fundamentals such as projection, breathing and vocal techniques. Mentored struggling students with individualized approach to enhance learning. Chose pieces of music to set choir up for success and challenge abilities. Organize concerts for each quarter of the school year.


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